Hello Friends!

Welcome to my blog lovely friends!
With a new year I have decided to start up a new blog!
I thought I’d take a minute to introduce myself before we dive in with the goodies!
My name is Ashley DeWeerdt and I have a strong passion for ballet and dance as a whole. I grew up dancing from the age of 3 and spent a few years after high school pursuing the professional ballet world as well. Although I would not say that company life was for me, I am very grateful for all of my experiences and all that I learned.
I am currently Colorado based – Loveland, CO to be exact, and serving Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder areas, as well as simply the US as I am traveling dance photographer! My life is nomadic which gives me amazing opportunities to work with dancers all over the country!
So, what does this have to do with photography and a blog?
Well, after leaving the dance world I knew that art would forever be an important part of my life, I just needed to figure out how and to what extent. I’ve always been interested in photography (ever since my original pink point-and-shoot!) so decided to see what could come from this pursuit. I dabbled in both portrait and dance photography but realized that I had a lot to offer to the dance photography genre with my knowledge and experience.
What makes me different?
With professional dance experience I can not only provide recommendations of poses that I think will work artistically, but also have the knowledge of proper technique. I have the expertise to provide corrections like you may receive in the studio to better create professional quality dance images. I was a teacher for many years as well, so have practice providing corrections in a way that all ages and all levels can understand and apply where appropriate.
If you ask any of my students, or past photography clients, they will tell you the same thing: I know how to shout: ‘point your feet’, and ‘stretch through your back leg!’ to better your line and ultimately the final product of our session.
What will this blog consist of?
I am hoping to get to posting once a week on this blog to spread ideas and my knowledge of the dance world & photography. Along the way you will learn a little more about me & my experiences, as well as technique, ballet stereotypes, educational material, and see what sessions with AshD_Photography look like. I will showcase special behind the scenes moments from sessions, as well as provide outlines of specific sessions with my clients. There will be a lot of gems coming your way, so be on the lookout!
To find out How To Prepare for a Dance Session head here:
Featured Post!
Talk to you soon friends!

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